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NiMAR Universal Smartphone Housing


149,00 €

104,30 €


Our Smartphone Housing is the most secure available. It is Universal as well.
This housing allows you to dive deeper with your phone- You needn't worry about water damage.
You can bring your phone up to 40 meters below. You can take photos or shoot videos effortlessly underwater.

More details

NiMAR Universal Smartphone Housing allows you to dive down to depths of up to 130ft (40m) with any size Smartphone (Ios & Android). It's a perfect companion for your journey into the world beneath the sea.

Fits Up to 6.5 Inch iOS and Android phones 

Whether you are using Android or iPhone as long as the screen is between 4.5" – 6.5", and the max phone size is 6.25" x 3.11" x 0.35", this housing gives you a wide range of compatibility.

NiMAR Smartphone housing comes with an Integrated Vacuum Leak Detector to give the photographer peace of mind knowing that the camera is protected.
Depth Rating: 130ft (40m)
No Bluetooth Connection Needed
Material PC, Stainless Steel
Compatible Phone Screen Size All iOS & Android Smartphone Up to 6.5"
Max SmartPhone Size 15,8cm x 7,89cm x 9cm (6.25" x 3.11" x 0.35")
Vacuum Detector Air Pressure Monitor
The Leak Detector, Red / Blue Indicator is Built-in to the Housing
Mechanical Command switches
Working Temperature -10 ~ +40℃
Operating Systems Android / iOS
Photo & Video Shooting
Photo & Video Reviewing
Zoom Adjustment
Dimensions 19cm x 8,9cm x 5,8cm (7,5"x 3.5" x 2")
Weight 360g (0.79lbs)

Additional Features
A metal panel with 6 screws covers the lens of the camera and permits the user to connect an external red filter set.
This optional accessory is used to bring red color back into your underwater photos and videos, making that washed out blue or green footage pop with more accurate colors. Technically, the filter reintroduces the red color spectrum back into the picture.
Under the housing there is a stainless steel mount with 1/4 screw notches where a other brackets, a tripod or selfie stick can be connected.

In The Box

Universal Smartphone Housing
Vacuum Pump
Soft Bag
Quick Start Guide