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NiMAR Water Housings

NiMAR does not just do underwater photography but now also sports and action photography.

NiMAR invites you to feel free at all times by becoming a source of inspiration for everyone else.

Everything we do is designed to help you capture the best moments, share the experience and attract attention.

All of our products are the fruit of Italian creativity and the experience of our team.
As we are first users, ie, we're underwater photography fanatics and we use all of our equipment, we can understand and solve every problem, we are able to provide quick and punctual assistance because we react as closely as possible to your needs.

Come and be part of our team, we are always looking for young people who want to grow and show their skills and quality. We believe that sharing experiences makes them even more meaningful and fun.

Send us your ideas, help us improve our products and accompany us towards the future!