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Sony a7SIII (CLASSIC) Water Housing


1 800,00 €

Classic Water camera case for Sony a7SIII
The housing features a depth rating of 197ft (60m) for shooting well below the surface or in shallower depths for activities such as surfing or water-skiing
The security system give you peace of mind that the camera is protected

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More details

Depth Rating: 197ft (60m)
Body made of high impact resistant technopolymer. The back cover is transparent giving you full view of the camera, the monitor and the waterproof seal. This visibility allows you to check that the cover is well sealed at all times
Mechanical command switches (see photo in the gallery)
Security system more info
Interchangeable lens port system NIM108-WS
ATTENTION: this housing requires the addition of a compatible lens port system for waterproof operation
Set-up in water: positive
4 Aisi 316 S/S fasteners with clip catch
Pistol grip adapter
Second removable side grip handle optional

Overall dimensions without side handle:
L. 22cm(8.66") H.17cm(6.7") D.14cm(5.5")
Weight with side handle: 1.8kg (3,9lbs)

1 x Removable side grip handle with inox screws
Hand vacuum pump
Water housing body cap
Silicon grease
Camera attachment screw
Quick start guide

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